My first blog

Hello fellow readers of the internet! This is my first post on my very first blog, and to be honest i have no idea what i am supposed to say… so i will start by just introducing myself. I am a young Australian Writer living in Perth who appreciates all the little things that life has to offer us in our small amount of time on earth. I am a massive book worm and adventure bug. Although i may not be the smartest one out of the bunch, i try my hardest to expand my mind in every situation so i can learn and grow. I have always wanted to start a blog so i can practice my writing and to share my thoughts with the world. Now your probably thinking, “why should i be reading this blog or listen to what you have to say”… I will tell you why. I can give you my insight on things and situations that you may have never thought about, like why writing your first post on a blog can be so bloody daunting and confusing! Or something more simple like the most magical books you will ever read and why. I am going to try my hardest to post helpful and enlightening things that will make you want to visit my blog again!


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