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Underage clubbing warning. Are our security guards really doing their job?

The first time I heard about fake IDs I was about 13 years old. I would see them in American high school movies all the time, but I had never actually seen a real fake ID ordered on the internet, and to this day I still have not, so how are young people getting into night clubs and bottle shops in Australia?

These days, most young people will buy a real ID off someone that is over the age of 18 with similarities to them, for example, same hair colour and length, same skin colour, and sometimes same colour eyes, but that’s about it. The scan Tec machines determine whether the ID is real or not, but the security guards job is to match the face to the ID. I have never come across someone with an ID that they bought off someone else, and it did not work for them. Most young people are so desperate to get into these clubs, that they will memorise everything on the ID from the birth date to the address, just in case a security guard does get suspicious and asks them questions about their ID, but that is rather rare because these clubs are usually so busy that they do not have the time to stop and actually examine the ID and the security guards just want to get everyone inside.

Clubs are turning a blind eye to vulnerable underage drinkers, and it is becoming a serious problem. I once came across a 16 year old girl who had a very short pixie haircut, so she used a guy’s ID to get into the club. She got in with no problems, just a dangerously drunk young girls body. Later on in the night, I witnessed a group of about 23 year old men flirting with her and trying to kiss her, she had no problem with that, I how ever thought it was very dangerous on the men’s behalf because they thought she was over 18, when in reality she was actually 16.

Not only is the underage drinking a very dangerous problem for young men and women who may encounter sexual predators, but it is also a massive problem for the businesses that are unaware that they are letting underage teens into their venues. Licenced managers and owners can get up to a maximum penalty of $30,475 for servicing alcohol to a minor, and that’s just the start.

Security in Australia needs to start taking their jobs more seriously and really observe peoples IDs, too many young lives are at risk because of the careless actions of some security guards just turning a blind eye, and so are the Venues.


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